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Dates and Desserts

Let the anticipation build..

For the discerning Gent who takes pleasure in wining and dining his ladyfriend, before the physical pleasure starts..

It's no secret that I'm a little bit of a foodie and love a nice oaked chardonnay, full boded Tempranillo or experiencing the latest on a cocktail list.

It's so much fun to do this together, bedroom eye looks shared over the bottle of wine, flirting while getting to know a bit more about the person across the table before being intimate.

Of course there's a whole range of exciting adventures to try together other than restaurant brunch, lunch or dinner - let's see a show or visit an event, Fringe world, a concert, even a Gentlemen's club - or maybe you can think of something even more interesting for us to try? 

See my suggestion list here for ideas.

Dates are offered at 3, 4 or 6 hours.

Dates can occur at any classy public venue.

GFE is included in the dessert part of the date (at your hotel or my apartment incall).

Netflix & Chill Dates are at your hotel room or I can arrange a hotel room.

Deposit required.

Dates & Dessert: Treatments
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3hrs Date & Dessert


1.5hrs Lunch or Dinner Date out, 1.5hrs GFE dessert.
+$100 BBBJ

4hrs Date & Dessert


2hrs Lunch or Dinner Date out, 2hrs GFE dessert.
+$100 BBBJ

4hrs Netflix & Chill


Lets stay in!

2hrs to hang out at your hotel room, we can cook or order in, cuddle up & watch netflix/a movie, and 2hrs for the bedroom fun.

+ $200 for me to provide hotel room

+$100 BBBJ

+$100 Anal toying on you

6hrs Date, Dinner & Dessert


Enough time for a show, a dinner, and 2hrs to have me for dessert.
+$100 BBBJ

Longer Arrangements

Weekends, Holidays, Travel, FMTY

Weekends: Starting from $3k incl 2 days 1 night
Holidays: POA
Travel: In many instances, my social companionship whilst in transit can be covered by flights only, should you just be seeking a travel companion
FMTY Interstate: Minimum 3hr booking + flights.

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