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Etiquette, Terms & Conditions



Treat contacting an escort as you would any other service provider.

Firstly, it's up to you to research who you feel meets your needs best.

Secondly, make contact within normal waking hours, via TXT, politely and providing the basic details in the very first message.


There may be certain screening and/or deposit.

You'll be given the incall details and now is the time to ask any extra questions, give any extra info about what you'd like in the booking.

If you would like to keep in contact until your booking (or afterwards), txt packages are available to be purchased, just let me know.

If the booking has been made in advance, it's nice for either party to send a confirmation message a couple of hours before the booking.

Upon arrival the apartment number will be sent to you and you can come on up.

You'll be warmly welcomed and offered a drink.

Now is the time to take care of the business portion.

A shower is mandatory and not a suggestion as hygiene is always of the utmost importance.

Do take extra care in the shower to wash armpits, penis (and pull back foreskin if you have one to wash thoroughly*), balls and booty, don't forget the booty! It's also important for fingers & fingernails to be clean (as well as short and smoothed if you anticipate engaging in any intimate touching).

There will always be deodorant and mouthwash - please ensure you use both!

*If you suffer from phimosis (condition where foreskin cannot pull back, bbbj is not available, as your penis cannot be cleaned thoroughly. You can easily treat this condition, just see your GP).

It's expected that you will already be aware of what is incl and excl dependent on the experience we are engaging in - the details will be on the ads and here on the website. If you are unsure it's fine to just ask! 

In no circumstances do I ever offer anal penetration on me in any way, ATM, rimming on you or CIM. Of course unprotected sex is never acceptable and asking would result in the session ending immediately.

At the conclusion of the session you will be able to shower again before leaving.

Please have a read through my in depth FAQ section if you have any questions or feel free to contact me if they are not listed.

There is a format for the first txt listed in the Contact section if you need a little guidance on what to put into your first msg.



- All enquirers and clients must be 18yrs or over to legally receive services. ID may be required to be sighted in the booking to confirm, if you look under 21.

- When touring, some services and descriptions are not available on my ads due to backwards State Legislation.

- Timewasters, rude and abusive behavior will never be tolerated.

- Safe sex applies at all times. Any attempt to request intercourse without a condom is unsafe, stupid, and will not be tolerated.

- Cancellations need to be made with no less than 4hrs notice. Cancellations within this time period will not be tolerated.

- Rescheduling an appointment can be done with up to 2hrs notice.

- Deposits paid where the client is cancelling or where rescheduling cannot be accommodated, outside of the above time periods, will result in the deposit forfeited.

- Deposit will be returned in full if I the provider need to cancel.

- Deposits and ID and selfie are mandatory for outcalls to residential houses/apartments for my safety. Residential homes must be clean and comfortable and not have any other people present.

-Attempting to haggle or barter with me will not be tolerated.

- Clients presenting with any type of STI or sickness will be turned away without refund.

- Clients must shower upon arrival and ensure a high standard of personal hygiene to receive services.

- Clients will be asked to re shower or leave without refund if the above is not met.

- No danger or risk must be presented to myself as the provider. 

- Any aggression, rudeness or disrespect shown in a booking will result in the booking ending immediately without refund.

- Any potential hazard must be mitigated to continue with services

- To engage in intimate digit penetration of me, clients fingernails must be smooth and short and clean.

-Clients with Phimosis are required to wear a condom for all oral activities on them.

- No drugs are permitted to be taken in the Incall.

- Look and Leave clients are subject to a cancellation fee of $100 for bookings less than 1hr and $200 for bookings 1hr or more.

- Any identifiable information about myself as a provider or my location are not to be published in any forum or website. Defamatory posts will not be tolerated.

- Booking begins at scheduled time, arriving late may shorten time within booking.

- Should the client chose to end the session early that is their decision and will not result in any refund.

- Filming of me is never ever permitted. Using hidden cameras to film sex acts with anyone who is unaware is illegal and will be pursued with WAPOL.

- Booking or attempting to book me with an alternate number if I have already refused to see you or to avoid my screening is also illegal and will not be tolerated.