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Deep Q&A

Work In Progress

How can I arrange to see you?

Via SMS providing all basic booking info. Please see my Contact page for details.


Text message me (no calls) with the basic booking info;

1. Which day and time you'd like to see me

2. Which experience you'd like and for how long

3. Incall or Outcall 

4. Your name

In the meantime, why not tease yourself with my Only Fans ;)

Where are you located?

I host from my private apartment Incall, a lovely and discreet apartment in East Perth. Street parking is available. The full address will be given when a booking is confirmed.

Which Services do you provide?

Please see my Experiences page for detailed services.

I offer GFE, Dirty PSe Gfe, KinkSensual Massage, BnG and 3sum/ couple group sessions.

I also offer Dates, Overnights and Fly Me to You.

Of course I love all the Experiences I provide (I wouldn't offer them if I didn't!)

Can I see you *Now* ?

Unless you have some kind of portal travel device, "now" is never actually going to mean "now".

When you see me listed as "available now", you are more than welcome to contact me for a spur of the moment asap booking.

I already am, or am on my way to be at my incall, lounging around in beautiful lingerie.

You will still need to let me know the the time you would like to see me - taking into account how long it will take you to get from where you are to my Incall, as well as the other basic booking info - session type, your name, duration.

To be notified when I am 'available now' please subscribe (free) to my availability on my advertising platforms. I will also post regularly on Twitter when I am available for short notice bookings.

What is your availability?

In Perth generally I am available to be booked Monday to Friday + most Sundays (sometimes Saturdays).

Although I am usually only available for a couple of clients per week, my life is busy at the moment!

I am always happy to accept bookings between 10am to 6pm when I am available.

Outside these hours and on weekends is possible with ample notice and/or a deposit.

Morning bookings need to be arranged the day before.

I do not start bookings later than 8pm.

To avoid disappointment (for you and me as I dislike having to say no), please book time with me with as much notice as possible.

Providing all information upfront in your first message means we can see each other seamlessly.

For outcalls, outfit requests, and kink sessions at least a few hours notice may be required.

On tour I am usually available all morning, day, and evening until 10 or 11pm.

Are your photos real, are they you?

Yes!!! These photos are 100% genuinely me and only edited to remove any of my personally identifying attributes.

Once I open the door you are going to see me for yourself so I will always show you the real me upfront.

My photos are verified on Scarlet Blue, Escorts and Babes and Ivy Societe.

You can also see more of my pics here on my selfie page, and vids on Twitter and Instagram, as well as paid porn content on my Only Fans and Many Vids.

What will my first session be like?

The answer depends entirely on which type of experience you have booked. You can find descriptions for each on my Experiences pages.

Whichever you chose, the organisation will always be the same and a warm greeting will always be offered :)

To ensure we both have the best experience possible, txt me politely and respectfully and incl all booking info in the first message - if making the booking is pleasant then I will be looking forward to seeing you and aiming to impress you! More info on Etiquette here.

Ensuring you shower thoroughly and take care of all personal hygiene incl using deodorant & mouthwash will also ensure an enjoyable tryst, as will avoiding asking intrusive personal questions.

Are there any services you do not provide?

There are several services I do not provide or allow at all under any circumstances;

Unprotected sex, Anal sex on me, Rimming on you, CIM, Snowballing, Spitting on me, Sounding, vomit, blood, needles, Public, filming by you, anything Illegal.

I also do not provide 'DFK', however I do happily French Kiss (kiss with tongue) - to see further explanation please see definitions at the bottom of the page.

Terms & Conditions

How should I prepare for my first session?

If you are here then you are already preparing very well so thank you.

Please read all the relevant info I have available here on my website including the Etiquette and T&C's. Ensure you have the correct fee and ample time to get to me. Ensure you have taken care of your hygiene (brushed your teeth, your nails are clipped and filed, you have trimmed/shaved downstairs, have clean hair and clothes etc). Of course there is a full bathroom and products for you at my incall, so if you are coming straight from work that's not a problem. Understand which services are provided in the experience you have booked, and which services are not provided.

If you are a first timer or have any special needs or health condition that would affect our meet then please ensure you advise me when you txt to make the booking.

Which Booking type should I choose if I haven't met you before?

You are welcome to chose any booking type for any duration as either a new client or a regular.

If it is your first time meeting me and you would like for us to relax and get to know each other a bit first, then I recommend a Date booking.

Date bookings include time together over lunch or dinner so we can both become comfortable with each other, before retiring to the bedroom ;)

Alternatively, a 2hr GFE or PSE booking is great as we can relax together chatting and have a drink and a bite first before becoming intimate.

A Massage booking is going to be the most low pressure option - simply lay on the bed and relax while I take care of you! 

If your concern is more around wanting to ensure I am who I say I am before committing to a long booking, then I suggest subscribing to my Only Fans

How can I spoil you?

I do love to be spoilt!

Please find gifting suggestions here

Aside from material gifts, I also very much enjoy experiences.

Consider a Date and treating me to an exciting show with you after a delicious meal. Relax with me as we get pampered in a couples massage at a gorgeous day spa. Adventure with me on a wine tour

Simply reading the information I provide, 

Do you provide Outcalls?

Yes. I would love to visit you at your up market hotel in Perth, I love to mess up fresh sheets ;) If you would like me to visit you at your residence, you will need to provide me with a selfie and photo ID to match and deposit via Beem It or Gift Card. Outcalls between Hillarys and the CBD do not incur a travel fee.  If you are outside of these areas, travel fees will apply and will be based on suburb.

Please ensure you read the T&C's in regards to residential visits.

Do you offer Discounts?

I find requests for discounts disrespectful & unattractive and do not tolerate it - I won’t see hagglers who ask for a discount.

Rates offer excellent value at all times. Please bear your budget in mind before contacting any escort including myself. If you do not have the funds to see a certain companion, either wait until you do, or seek out someone in your range.

Occasionally I will offer a 'special’ when I feel like playing with a sexy GF or promoting a certain type of booking. Look out for these offers on the News & Updates section along with on my Twitter 

Do you offer Doubles?

I would love to tease and please you with another lover - absolutely. Please see my 3sum section. 

Languishing between two ample female bodies is very popular and for good reason!

My preferred doubles partners are Chelsea Blue and Alexandra Silk, although I am more than happy to join you and another lovely Escort of your choice - either a Perth local or Touring Escort.

I also absolutely cater to couples, bi males, and those wanting a new, kinky experience.

Do you see Couples?

Yes - although it depends on what you are looking for. I do see couples for a full service GFE when booked with another Escort. Please see my group bookings section.

I also see couples, as well as women separately, for Sensual Massage.

Do you do Porn? Can I make porn with you?

Yes and Yes!

I have filmed amateur porn so far with well known male performers Leo Embers and Eddy Baxter both from Melbourne.

I have also filmed with clients and can film with you too, within a PSE or Kink booking.

You can see the free teaser trailers for all my pornos as well as being able to purchase the full length clips on my Only Fans. - Reminder, contacting me via Only Fans to make an in person booking is inappropriate and against their terms & conditions.

What happens in an erotic massage booking?

Upon arrival you will of course be warmly greeted, offered a drink and the payment taken care of. You will be offered a shower after which you'll come back into the bedroom where you can lay down naked on the bed on your stomach. I will apply warm oil to your skin.

Your legs, thighs and butt will be relaxed incl plenty of inside thigh/teste teasing (if accessible) before I slide my body onto yours.

Beast to back Bodyslides lead to back, shoulder, and arm strokes.

Turn over while I tuck my bountiful butt up against you for more thigh and pubic area teasing while you rub my back, play with my hair, caress my breasts and ass.

Choose between a deliciously sensual edging hand finish, an expert BJ or a quickie to complete your relaxation. 

Extras available.

More info on Massage Bookings here.

Where do you advertise?

I advertise on several Escort Directories.

You can find my ads on these legitimate websites;

Ivy Societe

Escorts & Babes


Dakota Dice

Scarlet Blue

If you have seen advertising for me elsewhere, you can assume it has been 'scraped' and the site is stealing girls profiles and is not a legitimate escort directory.

Why are you an Escort?

Many prefer the term 'Sex Worker', however I prefer 'Escort'.
Elle Lush is my alter ego, I love running my own business and I have a great time meeting new people and being naked for a living!
Escorting gives me great freedom and also enables me to build my own business.
I have a fantastic work life balance as I am low volume, 99.9% of the Gents I see are lovely as I enjoy taking only polite & respectful clients, so at 'work' I am always happy and raring to go ;)
Like many of my peers I am educated and have experienced a previous career, and currently have plenty of other options. However, I choose Escorting as what I really want to be doing at this point in my life.
In WA, Sex work is legal and just as much of a legitimate business as any other.

Personal Questions

Single, no children, I do not live in the incall, I am early 30's.

That's it!

If you'd like to get to know me better, please feel free to ask any non-invasive questions in our time together, such as hobbies, fave places to travel, fave cocktails, which super power I would choose, what I'm watching on Netflix and that kind of thing :)

Invasive personal questions about my body, my private life, where I live etc make me uncomfy and are just not appropriate.

What turns you on?

Honestly, it's your 'vibe' (manners, respect, smile etc) and your attention to your hygiene which will put me at ease and therefore ensure I am able to be turned on in the bedroom.
I don't think it's a secret - but the best way to an orgasm is to first be relaxed and comfortable in body and mind!
Plus I love clean fresh skin to touch, minty breath to taste, and fresh deodorant to smell. My incall bathroom has everything provided and the products should always be used.

What do all these acronymns mean?

GFE = Girlfriend Experience

DGFE / PSE = Dirty Girlfriend Experience / Porn Star Experience

FS / Full Service = Foreplay, kissing, oral and sex

CBJ = Covered BJ (condom)

BBBJ = Special sloppy BJ

CIM / CIMWS = cum in mouth and cum in mouth with swallow. I do not provide these services.

Quickie = Quick sex only, not incl foreplay, kissing or oral

OF = Only Fans

French Kissing = Kissing, our lips touch with slightly open mouths and our tongues lightly massage one another. 

"Deep" "DFK" = words often used by 'punters' to describe an act incl shoving a tongue down a throat and slobbering. I do not provide this. 

Rimming = tongue on ass. This is allowed (you to do to me) in a PSE or kink booking, however I do not give.

Anal play - this means touching that area on me - this does not incl insertion of finger or anything else.

Can I see a face picture of you?

Short answer - No!

All the images on my website social media and ads either do not incl my face or have a blurred face. This is for my privacy.

Unfortunately Escorting and Sex Work in general is still heavily discriminated against in our society.

Showing my face can also prevent me from travel which is a big passion of mine.

Asking for a face picture of a face-in provider is a big no-no and is not respectful of my privacy.

You should also not request 'selfies' or more pics (unless paid) - as there are many many pics and videos freely available and also paid options via my Only Fans - for you to check my authenticity.

Should you still be in doubt, then please find a face out provider instead.

However you can rest assured I am attractive with a pretty face - wide eyes with long dark lashes, plump soft pillowy kissable lips, a lovely smile with nice teeth, rosy full cheeks, and a cute but not-quite-perfect nose!

Do you see women?

I absolutely do see female clients - solo or with your partner for massage, and with your partner for full service gfe experiences when booked with another Escort. Please see the FAQ for Couples and/or the 3sums and more page for further info.

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