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Should none of the many debaucheries listed make your cock twitch with excitement, then here is the page where you might have the opportunity to personalise a dirty experience with me.

If you have not already done so, ensure you see the other Kink/Fetish pages so you understand what Mistress Lush provides.

Kinky Experience Types on the main Kink page provide a delicious experience with straightforward inclusions/exclusions and rates. Although the submissive can always refuse inclusions offered, should you feel like you need more time than is usually offered for a short booking type or certain acts that are not included in the main experience options, this is the page for you.

Be aware there are still limits and you will pay for the privilege of trying to 'top from the bottom'.

A deposit of $100 is required via Beem It at time of booking.

Bespoke bookings start from $600/hr.

Along with any of the options from the general Kink/Domme booking, a degree of any of the following is available;

Harder impact play

Spitting on you

Longer time periods for shorter booking options


Cock cage control

Mind fuck sex (cock sheath)

Spiked cock Ring

Strap On



Role Play 

Outfit requests incl latex and thigh  high Boots

TWO Mistresses - you choose and arrange or I will.

If enquiring re this Bespoke option, feel free to enquire about anything that is not already listed (ensure you check my boundaries).

I do not sub.

If it is listed in my Boundaries then obviously do not request it. 

Do not attempt to Haggle - I simply do not have the time nor interest to deal with anyone attempting disrespect, 'brattiness', dangerous practices or those who have come to the website of an experienced paid Escort Mistress asking for a lifestyle Mistress - that is just plain stupidity.

This is My work and I will be paid for it at the very least. Further Gifts and Tributes are of course enjoyed also.

Bespoke Kink & Fetish: About
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