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How to make a booking with a Mistress

Securing a booking with a Mistress aka Domme / Dominatrix, is very much the same as it is with a regular Escort.

1. Decide which experience it is that you are searching for and your budget.

2. Read the ad (in full) of anyone you are interested in contacting.

3. Contact them in the way their ad requests and with the information their ad tells you to provide.

So, are you looking to find a Lifestyle Mistress for your every day life? If so, you are better off looking in a Kink and BDSM community and/or finding a relationship to suit your needs.

However if you are interested in a booking with a Perth Mistress to indulge in a submission type experience for a set amount of time and are able to pay for the privilege, then hiring a Perth Domme such as Mistress Lush, is the right choice.

Mistresses such as myself whos occupation it is to provide services to clients for a living, are Sex Workers, and should not be confused with lifestyle Dommes who indulge in activities with their partner/s and who make a living a different way (usually with a vanilla job).

The major difference being the former requires payment for each and every interaction as that is their job and source of income so they charge for their time, and the latter does not.

As a Mistress who is an Escort/Sex Worker, I offer varied services and experiences to suit men who are new to the Kink/BDSM realm or those who are moderately experienced. This means as Mistress Lush, I offer from very basic fundamentals, as well as some more serious services.

Those who have had plenty of experience with domination and submission may be wanting to try more extreme encounters, and these clients should without question, seek out a professional and trained Dominatrix and should ensure they as a client, are of sound mind and do not have any mental health issues that are affecting their decision to seek what can be very dangerous and harmful practices.

When taking part in extreme services, safety and aftercare are important factors to take into consideration.

Mistress Lush does not provide any dangerous services as I do not believe they are healthy, and is not a trained Pro Domme.

Once you have decided if you are looking for a relationship with a lifestyle Domme, or you are wanting to hire the services of a Mistress or a Pro Dominatrix, you will be able to search for the appropriate person to suit your needs and wants.

Escorts and Mistresses as well as Pro Dominatrixes can be found through standard Escort and Sex Worker websites. I myself am listed on several.

You should never contact an Escort/Mistress/Pro domme through an Escort or services (eg Locanto) website expecting their time without paying them with money. No one wants to work for free no matter how fun their job is. Fun doesn't pay the bills.

Each Provider will have their services and rates in their advert (unless in States/Countries where it is illegal to do so, but it is legal for an Escort or Mistress in Perth, WA to include her services and rates in her advertising) and so it is imperative that you read their advert before contacting them, as well as their website if they have one, as this will often provide more detailed information that you may be wondering about.

In the same way that you contact a regular Escort, you need to read the advert of a Mistress, decide which of her services suits your needs, budget and time frame, and contact her with the basic details her ad asks for, via the contact method she lists - eg Text Message for Mistress Lush.

These common sense booking details will always include 1. your name (or the name you want to use for the booking), 2. the day/s and time/s you are available to see her, 3. the service you are wanting, and 4. how long for.

Some providers may ask for further details, however you should not be contacting any provider without the above basic 4 points of booking information.

Especially in the case of Domination/Submission bookings, if a potential Sub cannot or will not read my advert and follow my simple instructions, it is a huge red flag to me, telling me they will not be a good client. As such, I will not take their booking as their contact via an inappropriate method (eg calling when my ad says Text only) or without the basic info I have asked for in my ad, is a waste of my time, shows disrespect, and that is not something I will tolerate from my Subs or any client or potential client.

"Hi Mistress" is not an acceptable way to contact any Mistress.

What this does do however is tell us that a) the potential sub is disrespectful and hasn't bothered to read the ad or is disobedient and is not providing the info requested. B) is not respectful of a Mistresses time. C) is attempting to get free interaction / emotional labor from the Mistress by forcing multiple back and forth texts to gather booking information or D) is attempting to power play by forcing the Mistress to ask for information that should have been provided in the first instance.

This may be your intended MO if you consider yourself a Brat Sub, however you need to realise that until you have made payment and the booking has started, the Brat Sub has no place interacting with the Mistress - and instead the courteous and respectful human should interact to organise the booking.

Personally, Mistress Lush does not see or take bookings from Brat Subs at all.

In closing, be a good little Sub and use your manners and common sense after reading your chosen Mistresses ad and you can have a delicious time with any Perth Mistress.

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