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How to contact an Escort for the first time

Updated: Mar 24

Contacting an escort to arrange to meet can generally be looked at in the same way as you may contact a new Dentist, Accountant, Mortgage Broker - or any other service provider.

Firstly its up to you to research who you feel meets your needs best.

Secondly make contact within normal waking hours, in the requested method, politely and providing the basic details in the very first txt.


Its also great t incl in the first txt if you are new to seeing companions, are excessively nervous or shy, or need a little bit of extra help.

There may be certain screening and/or deposit.

You'll be given the incall details and now is the time to ask any extra questions, give any extra info abut what you'd like in the booking.

Continuous txting however isn't very polite as time is valuable, however txt packages are available to be purchased to keep in ongoing contact until your booking.

If the booking has been made in advance, its nice for either party to send a confirmation message a couple of hours before the booking.

Its expected that you will already be aware of what is incl and excl dependent on the experience we are engaging in - the details will be on the ads and here on the website. If you are unsure its fine to just ask!

Please have a read through my in depth FAQ section if you have any questions or feel free to contact me if they are not listed.

There is a format for the first txt listed in the Contact section if you need a little guidance on what to put into your first msg.


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