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How to contact an Escort for the first time

Updated: May 6, 2020

Contacting an Escort to arrange to meet can generally be looked at in the same way as you may contact a new Dentist, Accountant, Mortgage Broker - or any other service provider.

Firstly it's up to you to research who you feel meets your needs best, and to complete your due diligence to ensure you are comfortable they are a reputable and legitimate person.

This can be done by reading the entirety of their ad, checking out their website and social media & reading their posts, Googling their name and their phone number to where else they advertise and if they are verified (I am verified on Scarlet Blue & Escorts and Babes), reading their reviews (I have many lovely reviews on my Scarlet Blue page). Do they have plenty of images, videos? Maybe they even have an Only Fans page (I do!).

Secondly, make contact within normal waking hours, in the requested method (do they request sms, call or email?), politely and providing the basic booking details succinctly in the very first contact. A greeting using their name (not a pet name as you are not familiar with each other), your proposed day and time, the experience you would like and how long for, their place or yours, a thank you and your own name - along with any other personal details their ad has requested.


It's also good to include in the first contact (very briefly) if you are new to seeing companions, are excessively nervous or shy, or need a little bit of extra help.

There is no need at all to give your back story, details of your current love life, or an erotic story! Keep in mind how you would communicate with any other service provider.

Similarly, don't txt "hi" or "how are you" - remember you are contacting a business and a contact without any useful information is viewed as time wasting and not legitimate.

There may be certain screening and/or deposit requirements. If you are choosing to see a provider who requests either of these things (I do only under some circumstances), then you need to respect that these requests will apply to you, and asking a companion to waive their safety measures for you is not OK and may result in your chosen companion refusing to see you at all.

Never under any circumstances attempt to haggle or request a discount. Being a student, a retiree, wanting to be a regular, or considering yourself good looking are not reasons for an Escort to lower their set fee. There is in fact NO reason to ask a Sex Worker to lower their fee. If your chosen Escorts fee is out of your range, simply wait until you can save up or chose someone else. If a provider has an offer on of reduced rates then they will advertise this, clients should never ask. Personally I will refuse to see anyone who asks as it is extremely insulting.

Once the booking details are confirmed, you'll be given the incall details and now is the time to ask any extra questions, give any extra info (respectfully) about what you'd like in the booking. If you would like a clothing or lingerie request, check to see if this is included in the experience you have booked and politely ask your companion if your suggestion can be accommodated. Refrain from demanding. Although your companion may comply, no doubt there will be a sour note left from the lack of manners.

Some providers such as myself offer texting packages if you'd like to keep in touch until the date.

If the booking has been made in advance, it's nice for either party to send a confirmation message a couple of hours before the booking.

It's expected that you will already be aware of;

What is incl and excl dependent on the experience you have booked are engaging in.

The fee.

All details will be on the providers ads and on their website. If you are unsure it's fine to just ask!

How you communicate with your Escort when you first contact them and up until your booking is very important as this sets the tone for your booking. Treat your provider with respect and follow any and all requests for information and your provider will be excited and happy to see you, eager to enjoy time together and wanting you to come back again and again, looking forward to your visits.

If you are still unsure or nervous about contacting your chosen provider, I have written up a format for the first txt/email, You can find it in the Contact section if you need a little guidance on what to put into your first message.



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